Site services

We are more than ONE STEP AHEAD in providing a comprehensive service for industrial assembly sites and maintenance needs whose main focus is on new equipment assemblies and commissioning. Our operations are customer-oriented, flexible and efficient. Thanks to more than 20 years of combined industrial expertise, we are able to meet the demands of several industries.

Our promise is that we provide such superior turn-key and tailor-made concepts that no other company can offer.

Time is of the essence

This is the basis of our service and we mean it! Our delivery will be ready on time and we put all of our efforts into it, without sacrificing quality or safety.

We are entrusted with a variety of capabilities

We are a global player in our industry and provide services everywhere. Our strengths include efficient and rapid management of resources and expert manpower. Our team consists of site managers, supervisors, logistics specialists, commissioning engineers and software engineers. We operate in a demanding environment, so occupational safety and product safety are of paramount importance for us.

Full range of services

We cover the whole supply concept for complex industrial equipment. Just as needed, turn-key delivery or individually, any individual section of the supply chain.

The full-service agreement covers the entire installation process. It eliminates the unnecessary cost of the subcontracting chain and reduces expenses, minimizing unexpected delays by means of proactive and systematic operation.

Our overall service agreement is always the result of joint negotiations. It takes into account the customer’s needs, wishes, the current state and development needs of operation, occupational safety and the working conditions, regulations, and practices in the customer’s own industry.

Port equipment services

We have superior expertise on port equipment, based on more than 20 years of experience. Our main specialties are container and ship-yard cranes. We also provide constant technical support for any lifting or automation device.

Our teams are entrusted with a variety of servicing requirements. We will always find the
perfect solution for your needs.

  • Replacement of wire ropes, sheaves and guards
  • Replacement of gearboxes, motors and other similar equipment
  • Alignment of machinery

Automation and electrical system services

We deliver perfectly designed and accurately built systems, on schedule, directly to the manufacturing plant of our clients. Our team of experts installs the systems on-site, followed by start-up and commissioning. We are also able to provide on-site support when it comes to retrofitting your existing machines. We will always find the perfect solution for your system.


Ukkone Oy is a Finnish company that provides site management, supervision
and commissioning services for large industrial assembly sites.

We are now looking for

Site manager – Crane Installations

Ukkone Oy continues to grow all over the world; thanks to our continued success, we have an opening for a Site Manager.

Commissioning Engineer – Crane Installations

Ukkone Oy continues to grow all over the world; thanks to our continued success, we have an opening for a Commissioning Engineer.

Contacts and Corporate info

Head offices

Ukkone Oy, Lempäälä Finland
Business ID: 2457877-1
VAT-number: FI24578771

Ukkone sp. z o.o. Gdansk, Poland
NIP: PL 9571118521
KRS nr: 0000803125
REGON: 384330843

Human Resources:


Tomi Ukkonen
+358 40 501 6890

Piotr Grzelka
+48 50 410 6934